Saturday, March 17, 2018

Taste - "Tickle Your Fancy" 1976 / "Knight of Love" 1977

Australian band active in the mid 1970's, Taste (not to be confused with the Rory Galagher vehicle of the same name) consisted of Michael Gemini (bass), Joey Amenta (guitars- vocals), Ken Murdoch (vocals), and Virgil Dunati (drums). With an outrageous pop image that looks ridiculous by today's standards, both of their LP's are fantastic hard rock LP's that reached the Australian top 20 back in the day, and they are certified classics today.
At the peak of their career, they played to crowds of 13,000 in front of a wall of Marshall stacks. They appeared on every major TV concert show including: "Countdown", "Hey Hey, It's Saturday" & The Don Lane Show. They toured wit Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Skyhooks, Sherbet, TMG & Hush, and they were admired by
English band Queen (who played Taste's "Boys will be Boys" every night before going on stage).
Unfortunately, dur to management problems, and bad marketing, Taste never got the attemtion they deserved. They were asked to tour America with Queen and got signed to Sire Records in the United States but broke up before releasing anything.

Released in 1976, Taste's "Tickle Your Fancy" is a tih=ght batch of quirky hard rock songs witha unique melodic point of view. Considering the young age of the group at this point, the materiaal here is quite accomplished, both in performance and songwriting.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Punchin' Judy - s/t 1973

A mysterious band that once played the Marquee Club in London in 1975. A strong female singer and long glam/boogie/ blues rock with piano and good playing. Worth hearing. Reminiscent of A Euphonious Wail. Keith Evans (bass/vocals), Alan Brooks (drums/ percussion/ vocals), John Phillips (guitar/ vocals), Robin Langridge (Piano), Barbara O'Meara (vocals),

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Aeroblus - s/t 1977

Aeroblus was a power trio made up of Pappo, Alejandro Medina, & Roland Castello Jr. It was an ephemeral parallel project by Pappo's Blues Band. They recorded a single album in Buenos Aries in 1977. The album is somewhat different than what Pappo was recording with a style closer to metal, and it was the pre-cursor to "Riff."
They debuted on January 6th, 1977 at the Premier Theater of Buenos Aries with a series of concerts that received negative critical reviews due to "lack of rehearsal", a problem that was quickly resolved.
Aeroblus at the time was a very heavy band, besides there was a social situation in Buenos Aries at the time that they were
constantly surrounded by the infantry guard. (the guys who planted bombs, etc.) Aeroblus managed to edit his only work. The delay in the edition of the album plus the police pressure made in those days in Argentina during the military dictatorship  made Roland Castello Jr. decide to return and stay in Brazil. Already in 1978 Pappo along with Medina reformed Aeroblus incorporating Claudio Pesovento on keyboards and without Castello who is replaced by Gonzalo Farrugia.
In May, 2012 Aeroblus turned 35 years old and was honored in both Argentina and Brazil by different bands and musicians.
On May 28, 2010 Alejandro Medina performed a tribute concert at "El Tetro" de Flores with Chizzo La Renga on guitar as a replacement of the deceased Pappo  and the same Roland Castello on drums who came from Brasil especially for the tribute, 33 years after the album was released in 1977.
(please excuse the broken English, I'm not that good at translating)

Hillary Blaze - "Exposure" 1977

1977 Metallic sci-fi hard rock private press record featuring members of the 1960's psychedelic band Paper Garden. Recorded and mastered in 1976, "Exposure" was initially released on their own 30th Century Fox Records. Music fans re-discovered this band in the 90's resulting in the original pressing becoming a record collectors prize . The spacey punk vibe, sizzling guitar and snotty vocals give the album an ear catching sound for it's time. The resulting sound is killer!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Page 45" Singles - Elonkorjuu / Contact / Brigg / Ro Ro

Elonkorjuu - "A Little Rocket Song"
EMI - Finland, 1972

Contact - "Cunvul'tions"

Brigg - "Hey Mister"

Ro Ro - "What you Gonna Do?"
Parlaphone R5920, 1971 U.K.

Blueset - "Rock Machine" 1974

Recorded in Sodertalje , not far from Stockholm, Sweden in 1974. Blueset released two singles before this album, and another the same year as this. Their sole release is very rare and crazy spendy if you can find one (Shaddocks has a re-release). Apparently there is a second albums worth of material sitting in some producers closet somewhere. Recommended for fans of heavy blues rock, Heavy blues psych, or stoned out hippy tunes. Heavy guitar, English vocals and strong bass & drum grooves and very well produced

Kopperfield - "Tales Untold" - 1974

An American band from the early 70's. Formed in Edwardsberg, Michigan in 1971 they made this one off album and called it a day in 1975. They play hard rock with a near overdose of heavy prog. It's kind of a mixed bag. Take Vanilla Fudge and mix in a liberal dose of Bloodrock, it could have easily been recorded in 1970. It ranges from bluesy rock that recalls Free, to the lovely anomaly of the title track which combines folksy acoustic textures and harmony leads with psychedelic keyboards. Songs like "Anatomy" and "Nothing left to give" also show the blistering influence of Detroit hard rock. Although, it's much closer to Grand Funk than MC5 in that respect. From an instrumental standpoint, there is a lot to appreciate about Kopperfield.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Motorhead - LIVE "Under the Thunderdome" - 20/7/1975

Lemmy - Bass
Larry Wallis - Guitar
Lucas Fox - Drums

1. Motorhead*
2. Leaving Here (Edward Holland Jr. Cover)
3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Sonny Boy Williamson Cover)
4. Lost Johnny*
5. City Kids (Pink Fairies Cover)
6. Silver Machine (Hawkwind Cover)
7. I'm Waiting for the Man (Velvet Underground Cover)

*Written for Hawkwind by Lemmy

Sleaze - s/t 1975

Pre-Adverts L.P. from punk rock legend T.V. Smith, originally released in an edition of only 50 copies.
T.V. Smith: "It was a proper studio, just like the ones that proper bands record in, at least it was the nearest I'd ever been to one, and now my band Sleaze, that so far had to do with playing support slots at local clubs and discos - as well as the occasional headlining gig at the local school hall was about to record some of our songs, just like a proper band. Torquay in the mid 70's was not the easiest place and time to have a band, at least the kind of band that plays it's own material. The only group that made it out of this tourist backwater in the South West of England to any kind of international success was a rock band called Wishbone Ash. And the local audiences wanted to boogie away their evenings to music like that. Or live bands playing covers of Status Quo or Free, not us, with our peculiar lengthy songs which sounded like a crossover of glam a-la Bowie or Cockney Rebel & prog like Genesis or Van Der Graaf Generator, around these parts, such pretensions were frowned upon.
But here we were, determined to get our music down on record whether anyone was interested or not. We set up our equipment, the engineer set up the microphones and recorded a few minutes to check the sound, then we put the album on tape, song by song, playing live with no overdubs. Two hours recording time, twenty pounds for the lot, plus another half an hour for the engineer to splice it all together, and the price of two reels of tape. All in all the Sleaze album cost a princely 38.88. We went and pressed up 50 copies of it on vinyl, mostly gave them away to our family & friends. This record is the sound of that rebellion trying to find it's way, the door creaking against the hinges. One year before punk exploded, the door finally blew open, and the music scene changed forever."

Black Sabbath - DEMOS

'Black Sabbath" Demo/outtakes

"Paranoid" Demo/outtakes

"Master of Reality" Demo/outtakes

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